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About Elena

Elena Iam, a leading expert on uniting science and religion through system-information disciplines, is the founder of the System Outlook platform and author of two books. Her second book “Yes! Science and Religion Can Coexist!” was recently released on Amazon. She is an educator and speaker on the most controversial topics related to debates between science and religion. She also talks about religious reconciliation and conceptual understanding of system principles that form human perception and reality.
Elena was born in the time of Soviet Union when atheism was the official ideology imposed on everyone through propaganda and years of education. Elena began doubting the logic of atheism very early while she was still in school.
Later, in her quest for the essence of truth and God, Elena integrated a theory of information technology with her passion for psychology, philosophy, religion, and spirituality. Elena’s thirty-year research has culminated in the new, interdisciplinary concept called System Outlook, which logic and clarity surpassed any of her expectations.
Today Elena teaches people how to better understand each other while overcoming conflicting views caused by fragmented perception. She introduces her audience to new perspectives on traditional debates, atheism, and nature of beliefs.
Different views of God have sparked both debates and brutal hostility between people. Is it possible to finally purge our world from hatred as we discover life’s objective laws that cause our interconnectedness at all levels?
Elena believes that it’s crucial to develop a new mentality of unity as during last decade people have already united as tightly as never before due to economics, politics and Internet. What but science can develop a neutral platform, which includes all beliefs and helps understand that we all are elements of one system of humanity, like cells, which form a human body.