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Yes! Science and Religion Can coexist!
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‘Yes! Science and Religion Can coexist!’

System Outlook: The New Original World View Based On a System-Informational Approach Book 1. Description of a Concept
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Soft cover, 166 pages, 5.5×8.5, English language
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This book is for those who enjoy thinking and contemplation, who lost God by being confused by religious or other interpretations, who are open-minded enough to look at familiar things from a new vantage point of common sense and logic of system-information sciences.
System Outlook views out world as a System Matrix that is ruled by Absolute Logic or the Law of Unity, which distributes energy between systems and which, at the level of feelings, we perceive as love. System Outlook helps reconnect with God through a deep understanding of how the Law of Unity operates and how Logic defines our feelings and personal reality.
This book contains concentrated wisdom in the form of a complete system. It’s not a onetime read. Every time you come back to this book, you will discover new insights on questions that have been waiting for answers for many years.
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