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Elena’s most requested presentations

1.Yes! Science and Religion can coexist!
It’s the most popular topic, largely requested by colleges. What is the real conflict that fuels so many debates regarding God and science? What makes people leave their denominations? What doatheism and fundamentalism have in common? Is there a way to religious reconciliation? How do we create our beliefs? These questions are addressed in this original interactive discussion.
2. Can science prove the existence of God?
Why do traditional natural and physical sciences fail to prove God? And, is it possible for system sciences to bridge the gap ?
3. Science, faith, and atheism. Where does atheism come from?
Why do people leave religion and become atheists? Is atheism related to science?
4. Science and the mystery of the meaning of life
Is the meaning of life objective? How does the meaning of life differ from other important values? What do science and religion say about it?
5. Free Will and the Initial Law – religious and scientific perspectives
Ethical laws: what do they have in common with gravity? How do systems define freedom?

Four Reasons People Love to Invite Elena

1. Elena’s presentations are genuine, informative, and interactive. They are filled with new insights and ideas guaranteed to captivate and inspire students. Elena introduces her audience to new perspectives on traditional debates, atheism, and beliefs. Elena explores the conflict between science and religion through recently developed interdisciplinary field of system and information disciplines. Elena’s unique message will stay with your students forever!
2. Elena involves students in the dialogue regarding the deepest questions of life: what are we, what is truth, and why do we have different beliefs and ideas about God? Elena connects to students through her sincerity and desire to understand everyone. She helps students face controversial ideas with an open mind and share their opinions without feeling resentment toward other beliefs. Students love to be heard!
3. Elena is flexible, reliable, and easy-going professional speaker. Her goal is to add value to your audience while providing high-quality content and speaking services. If your event has a specific theme, Elena would be happy to tailor the message of her presentation to your individual needs – her talks can range from one hour to a two-day workshop, whatever fits your schedule!
4. Elena’s interactive presentations are ideal for conferences, Greek events, workshops, seminars, lecture series, campus clubs, summer programs and classroom discussions.